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Our maunga is Te Pane a Mataaho

Mangere Mountain

We want our students to see the view from the top of the mountain instead of only from the bottom.

Viscount School, known as the Viscount Learning Community, is a full primary school and has served the Mangere area since 1969. Viscount was the name of a popular passenger plane operating from the airport nearby at the time.

We are still flying high.

Our school Motto is

Better Every Single Time.

The Viscount Learning Community seeks to provide the best teachers, the best resources and the best learning environment subsequently expecting the best results where every child can SOAR.

Our teaching and learning programmes focus on success through a celebration of our strengths and interests within collaborative approaches.

Our parents and whanau want their children to have opportunities, experiences and choices to enable them to have a successful future and fully participate as a citizen of Aotearoa New Zealand. 

To strengthen this aim, we seek to develop and maintain a strong partnership with parents and whanau, so that we can work together for the personal success and confidence of every child within a culturally diverse, caring school.

~ Our Student Profile ~

To be better every single time so we can SOAR

School Values

Home, Viscount School

School Pepeha

Ko Te Arapuera te maunga
Ko Te Manukau o Hoturoa te moana
Ko Mataatua te marae
Ko te Waiohua te hapu
Ko Viscount School te kura
E noho ana au ki au
Tena kutou, tena koutou, tena tatou katoa


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Home, Viscount SchoolHome, Viscount School