In the holidays, workers were on site to

* replace the main water pipe for the school. It was discovered that the old one went under the Library and resource room and was so old it kept leaking and breaking.

* fix the stage in the Hall with a new covering

* repair the heating system so we will be ready for winter!!!

* clean the carpets

* wash the outside of the school


Next term the Board will be eeting with the Ministry of Education to work on plans to fix the stairwells and repair leaky building issues with the Hall. We will also finalise the plans to build the Junior playground now we have raised the necessary money thanks to grants from Trillion Trust and Rano Trust as well as funds from our Jubilee last year! In addition we will be upgrading some of the oustide seats and installing a concrete table tennis table. We may need some help with this to help us assemble it. We will let you know when.