23rd March, 2020


Dear parents,


Our school is open and we have no known cases of Covid-19 here. We understand your anxiety at this difficult time and if your child or you have any of the following your child needs to stay at home for their own safety.


High risk individuals include people over 70 and those with underlying medical conditions, such as:

· a compromised immune system

· liver disease

· cancer

· kidney disease

· heart disease

· diabetes mellitus

Homework packs

Children at school on Monday 23rd March will receive a homework pack they can work through in the event the school closes. If your child is isolating at home, you can call at the school Hall tomorrow to collect packs for your children…..between 7.30-12.30.


Please do not go to the school office.


Please also keep an eye on our website  www.viscount.school.nz as we will post updates there and send out messages on the school ap.