Tree, a female artist & singer/songwriter began her career at the age of 15 years old... Spending the majority of her early days in her career working behind the scenes co-writing, vocal arranging and singing background vocals for the likes of NZ-Artists Erakah, Sammy J, RIA, Pieter T & Swiss. She has now embarked on her own solo career featuring on tracks such as "Don't say Goodbye" by Sammy J & "My Baby" by Drew Deezy. Now has released her very own first single "sweet Lovin". Swiss is a reggae sensation who flew on to the NZ music scene and took it by storm in 2012. Since then he has had many singles and albums topping the charts both here and abroad. At 24 years of age he is now his own boss and has a record label and artists under his wing after originally beginning his career with the iconic NZ label, Dawnraid Entertainment. He is very excited about giving books out to the next generation of Duffy kids and he hopes it encourages them to read a bit more, eventually leading them to a brighter future as it did for him.
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